Planning obligations

Other obligations and mitigations

This page contains information on other contributions/mitigation measures which may be required for certain developments within Lichfield District.

Cannock Chase SAC guidance

We have a duty under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (Habitats Regs) to ensure that the decisions it makes on planning applications do not result in adverse effects on the integrity of the Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation (SAC), which has internationally protected status under the regulations for its unique heathland habitat.

The following document provides guidance to mitigate the impact of new residential development on the Cannock Chase SAC and thus prevent harm to the SAC arising and responses to some of the most frequently asked questions on interpretation of the guidance. Further evidence relating to Cannock Chase SAC can be found within the resource centre section of the website.

Guidance to mitigate the impact of residential development on the Cannock Chase SAC

Cannock Chase SAC - frequently asked questions

River Mease contributions strategy

We, working in partnership with the River Mease Programme Board, have published a developer contribution strategy (DCS). The DCS follows the publication of the water quality management plan for the River Mease and provides a mechanism whereby developers can mitigate for the impact on the water quality of the River Mease SAC and will enable us to support developments within the river catchment provided a financial contribution is made in line with the DCS.

The organisations in the River Mease Partnership are involved in a number of ongoing initiatives and activities to improve the River Mease SAC, from improving its water quality through the management of the river and its catchment, to providing a better environment for wildlife. Further information is available about the River Mease on their website.

River Mease developer contributions strategy downloads