Complain (apply for a review) of a licensed premises/club

About the hearing process

As the person or body requesting the review, you are required to give notice to the licensing authority at least five working days before the start of the hearing, stating:

  • Whether you will attend the hearing in person
  • Whether you will be represented by someone else (for example, councillor/MP/lawyer)
  • Whether you think that a hearing is unnecessary (if, for example you have come to an agreement before the formal hearing)
  • Any request for another person to attend the hearing, including how they may be able to assist us in relation to the application

Hearings will generally be held in public, unless we decide it is in the public interest to hold all, or part of the hearing in private. We will ensure that a record is taken of the hearing.

A hearing can go ahead in the absence of any party (for example, applicant or interested party).

Following a hearing we may:

  • Decide that no action is necessary to promote the licensing objectives
  • Modify or add conditions to the licence
  • Exclude a licensable activity from the licence
  • Remove the designated premises supervisor
  • Suspend the licence for a period (not exceeding three months)
  • Revoke the licence

If you have any queries about applying for a review please contact our licensing team.