Complain (apply for a review) of a licensed premises/club

Frivolous or vexatious complaints

Frivolous or vexatious will bear their ordinary meaning. 

Whether representations are frivolous or vexatious will be for the licensing authority to determine. 

For example, the licensing authority might find the representations were vexatious if they arise because of disputes between rival businesses or frivolous if they clearly lacked seriousness.

A repetitious representation is one that is identical or substantially similar to:

  • A ground for review in an earlier application, which has already been determined (our register of licences will include all applications for reviews made to us in the past)
  • Representations considered by us when the premises licence was first granted
  • Representations made when the application for the premises licence was first made and were excluded because of the prior issue of a provisional statement

In addition to the above grounds, a reasonable interval has not elapsed since an earlier review of the grant of the licence