Community safety delivery plan outline 2021-2022

Lichfield CSP priorities 2021 – 2022

The strategic assessment has highlighted the following priorities for Lichfield:

  • Anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Domestic abuse
  • Car key burglary and car theft
  • County lines
  • Fraud
  • Vulnerable persons – alcohol, mental health, contextual safeguarding – complex cases

In terms of places of greatest risk, the assessment identifies Stowe ward that includes the city centre as having a number of priority issues. As a centre for business and tourism in the district it seems sensible to have a specific community safety focus for the city centre, joining with business and tourist interests. Chasetown is also identified as a priority area for ASB and domestic abuse and cross cutting issues such as child protection (including county lines). It therefore seems appropriate to have a specific focus on improvements in this area.

  • Lichfield city centre
  • Chasetown

In addition the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC) for Staffordshire has identified approaches to tackling community safety challenges as follows (P.7):

  • Early intervention and prevention
  • Supporting victims and witness
  • Managing offenders
  • Public confidence

These principles have been incorporated into the responses to the priorities identified above and run through the proposed responses to each plan. In order to make this more effective they have been recast slightly.

It is acknowledged that at this stage there is, in some areas, a lack of consistent data to enable an effective assessment of some of the proposed actions. In itself the development of a better base line data set for the partnership will be an aspiration for 2021/22. An example of this is that we currently only have data provided by the police as to the number of reports of ASB received by them. We know though that some of our local registered social landlords receive and manage a significant number of ASB cases that may never be reported to the police.