Anti-social behaviour and how we can help

Complaints and anti-social behaviour case reviews

If you are not happy with the way your report of anti-social behaviour has been dealt with, you should contact the original organisation that dealt with your report in the first instance:

  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour to Staffordshire Police and you are unhappy with the outcome, you can complain to them by calling 101 or on the Staffordshire police website
  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour to us and you are unhappy with the outcome, please email us in the first instance to see if we can put it right. You can also call us on 01543 308777, or submit a complaint online,
  • If you have reported anti-social behaviour to a registered social landlord or housing association and you are unhappy with the outcome, please complain directly to them using their complaints procedure.

Ongoing issues

If you and your neighbours are experiencing an ongoing issue that you feel has not been dealt with appropriately, you may be able to submit a anti-social behaviour case review request.

An anti-social behaviour case review (formally a communtiy trigger) is a process that requires the community safety partnership to review responses to incidents of anti-social behaviour.

An anti-social behaviour case review can be requested by:

  • Groups of people (at least five individuals) in the local community who have separately reported similar incidents, where they all feel dissatisfied with the action taken and all agree that they want to raise the anti-social behaviour case review.
  • Individuals who have experienced at least three reported incidents of related ASB in the last six months.

Each of the incidents needs to have been reported to a relevant agency, such as the police, council or housing association within one month of them taking place, and an anti-social behaviour case review must be requested within six months of the latest incident.

Staffordshire Police are the single point of contact for theaAn anti-social behaviour case review process. To submit a an anti-social behaviour case review request call 101 or on the Staffordshire police website. You will need to provide them with your contact details, details of the incidents you have reported and the dates you reported them.