Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) is a broad term used to describe the day-to-day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder that can make people’s lives a misery – from litter and vandalism, to public drunkenness and abusive neighbours. 

Things we can help to address include:

  • Neighbour or neighbourhood disputes - find out more.
  • Anti-social behaviour related to begging or homelessness.
  • Anti-social behaviour related to young people and adults.
  • A dispute over parking (where no parking offence has been committed).

Lots of people often wrongly mistake some behaviours as anti-social behaviour, when they are not. Examples of things that are not considered anti-social behaviour include children playing ball games and parking disputes - find out more.

If you have a complaint about issues like noise, bonfires or smoke, please find out more in our environmental health section.

Unsurprisingly, we’re receiving more reports of neighbourhood problems at the moment. People are spending more time at home and for longer periods of time and this may cause increased noise and frustration for neighbours. 

We know that it’s hard dealing with these additional tensions, but we ask you to try to be thoughtful and patient, it is a stressful situation for us all at the moment.

We all need to think about how our behaviour may impact on others at this difficult time. Please be respectful of your neighbours and avoid the things you know may cause upset such as very loud music outside and congregating in groups.

We have included some information here about what you can do to help resolve some types of neighbour dispute. If you are a social housing tenant you may find the information on the website useful. Where you can not resolve issues amicably, please do contact us for help but there may be a short delay in our response due to the volume of contacts we are experiencing.  As always, if there are any threats of violence or anyone is in immediate danger please call the police on 999.

We have put together a quick checker to help you find out whether your enquiry/complaint should be handled as an anti-social behaviour case, or whether another agency can help you.

If your enquiry/complaint is considered anti-social behaviour related, you will then be able to report your issue. If your enquiry is better handled by another agency/in another way, the checker will provide you with the right advice and guidance.

Report anti-social behaviour