Anti-social behaviour and how we can help

What you can do

It is important to accept and understand that people are entitled to lead different lifestyles.

Many neighbour disputes and complaints are misunderstandings or one-off events, which can be easily resolved by just speaking to each other.

If you have a dispute with your neighbour, before making a formal complaint, we encourage you to try to discuss the problem with them if you feel comfortable/safe to do so.

If you’re worried about speaking to them, you could consider writing them a letter, explaining the problem clearly and sticking to the facts.

If you decide to talk to/write to your neighbour about a problem, it may help to consider the following:

  • explain clearly what the problem is and how it is affecting you and your family
  • stay calm and be as polite as possible
  • don’t use abusive language
  • be open to suggestions for resolving the problem and come to an agreement to suit all of you
  • leave the situation if it becomes too heated.

If the problem affects other neighbours, why not involve them as well. It can be easier to settle a dispute if the complaint comes from a number of people.

If your neighbour is a social housing tenant, you could also contact their housing association:

If you have tried to speak/contact your neighbour to tell them about the issue, or do not feel comfortable/safe doing so, you can report the issue to us:

Report anti-social behaviour