Ukraine support



Donated money given via trusted charities and aid organisations reach the people who need it more quickly than lorries that must travel thousands of miles to deliver donated goods.

The Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC) Ukraine Appeal is a co-ordinated effort between the Red Cross, Christian Aid, Oxfam, and Save The Children. Donations to this appeal are being matched, pound for pound, by the UK Government up to £25m.

The Associations of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) was founded in 1946 and is the largest organisation representing Ukrainians and those of Ukrainian descent in the UK.

UNICEF have been working tirelessly to keep children safe since this conflict began eight years ago, and are determined to remain in Ukraine to reach the most vulnerable children and families.


Wade Street Church in Lichfield is collecting diabetic supplies.

The church is appealing for insulin, glucose sweets and unwanted devices that gauge blood sugar levels on behalf of Type One Style and United With Ukraine

Donated insulin is refrigerated, then packed in ice before postal delivery to distribution depot in Kent.

Wade Street Church office in Frog Lane is open for donations Monday to Friday 10am to 12noon. Items can also be collected. Contact Julianna McLaren on 01543 253003.