Emergency planning

Flooding preparation

If you are worried about flooding or have been affected by flooding, this section contains handy information and links. There is also comprehensive information and advice at GOV.uk 

The government has also produced a leaflet Flooding: advice for the general public  that sets out how to make a personal flood plan, including what to do if a flood is forecast, what to do if a flood happens, and cleaning up after a flood.

Register for a flood alert

You can sign up to get flood warnings direct to you by phone, text or email. It also provides practical advice on preparing for a flood, and what to do if one happens. Find out more and sign up at GOV.uk .

Useful advice

The government's website has lots of information about what to do if you are worried about a flood, are flooded, and how to clean up after a flood:

Rest centres

If people need to be evacuated from their homes, we will work with local organisations to set up and manage rest centres. We will publish any details about rest centres to this page, if and when they are set up.

There are currently no rest centres set up in Lichfield District.

Sandbags policy

We are not responsible for protecting private property (such as homes and businesses) during or before a flood. This is the responsibility of the individual property owners/residents and no other agency.

Our priority is to reinforce flood defences, protect highways and protect district council assets at risk of flooding. We may also provide our sandbags to other agencies.

Protecting your property or business

If you want to protect your property or business, sandbags and other flood protection products can be useful.

To find out more about how to protect your home during flooding, visit GOV.uk .

The National Flood Forum  also lists lots of companies you may be able to talk to about flood defences.

Flood resilience grants

Grant funding and/or subsidies for flood repairs and resilience are available for all flood affected areas of the United Kingdom. Visit www.floodguidance.co.uk to find out about what each grant is designed for; details of how much is available; and where to find more information if you believe you may be entitled to claim this funding.