Our values

We have developed a set of values that all our staff work together to achieve in all that we do. Our values are a part of our strategic plan 2020 - 2024 and are to:

Put customers first 

  • We are passionate about our customer service.
  • We always listen and work with our customer to meet their needs.
  • We take responsibility for things we can change and improve and encourage our customers to do the same.

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Improve and innovate 

  • We challenge each other to look for ways to do things better.
  • We listen to feedback and learn from it so we can improve.
  • We welcome change and move forward with confidence.

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Have respect for everyone 

  • We listen to one another and understand each other's views and pressures.
  • We appreciate each other and trust our colleagues to do a good job to the best of their ability.

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