Petition the council

Planning petitions

If you want to give your views on a planning application, the best way to do this is to give your views in line with the usual process, rather than carry out a petition. 

 Commenting in the usual way will ensure all individual views are registered and considered individually as part of the planning application process. 

 Find out how to comment on a planning application

 How we count planning petition signatures 

 If you choose to carry out a petition in relation to a planning application, we will assess your submitted petition aside from the council's standard petition process, as follows: 

  • We will only count signatures that include a full name, address and Lichfield District postcode* as a representation.  
  • Any signatures with no name or a partial name (for example first name only) or no address and postcode will not be counted as a representation.  

* If an application is on the borders of the district, we will count signatures from addresses from the neighbouring district. 

 How we record petitions 

 If we receive a petition, we will record the comments as 'petition received', either against the contact details of the head petitioner, or against the first name and address that is listed on the petition. We will record the official total number of signatories received in line with the above.   

If we receive a standard letter signed by multiple people, we will record the comments as 'petition received' against the contact details of the original author. We will record the official total number of signatories received in line with the above.   


We encourage all petitions to be submitted in line with published planning application consultation deadlines and reserve the right to not consider petitions received after the planning application consultation deadline has passed.