Make a freedom of information (FOI) request

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives the public 'a general right of access' to information held by all public authorities (including district councils, county councils, central government and organisations such as the BBC), subject to certain exemptions.

We are also required to produce a publication scheme, which specifies the types of information we publish or intend to publish, how it will be published, whether we will charge for the information, or whether we will provide it free of charge. 

Since the introduction of the act, we have responded to hundreds of requests in our frequently asked FOI section

It could take up to 20 working days to receive a response to your freedom of information (FOI) request and we do not need to respond to requests if the information you have asked for is already published to our frequently asked FOI section. So, before submitting your request, we recommend you find out whether we have already published the information you are looking for:

We also do not have to respond to a request if:

If you can't find what you are looking for please make a freedom of information request.

Make a freedom of information request