Hostels and night shelters

Hostels in Birmingham and Derby

Most hostels will accept people without any money, as long as you can claim benefits to pay for the accommodation. They can check what you are entitled to and help you with the claim forms.Housing benefit may not cover all the rent, and won’t cover any extra services such as cleaning or meals. So you may have to use part of your income support, jobseekers allowance or a training allowance to pay for anything that isn’t covered.

If you are a young person, visit our section about hostels and accommodation for younger people.

To carry out a wider search, visit the Homelessness Link website search.

Nacro, Birmingham

Accomodation for single homeless people with support needs who are ex-offenders or who are vulnerable and at risk of offending. Must be willing to accept support. No local connection required. To find out more email Nacro, call 0121 333 6795 or visit the Nacro website.

St Anne's Hostel, Birmingham

If you are homeless, male, 25 or over and in receipt of benefits you can contact St. Anne's Hostel in Birmingham on 0121 772 4406 or visit the St Anne's Hostel website.

Padley Hostel, Derby

The day centre at Padley House on Becket Street will be a place for people who are or have recently experienced homelessness in Derby to gain access to basic needs, support and advice.