Supported housing

Supported housing for people with drug/alcohol issues

Burton Addiction Centre specialise in rehabilitating people who are dependent on alcohol or drugs. 

The centre offers a safe, structured and supportive environment using a holistic approach to rehabilitation, where clients can work towards gaining a more satisfying and healthy lifestyle without the need for chemicals.

The aims of Burton Addiction Centre are to:

  • provide quality education and rehabilitation for people with alcohol and drug problems.
  • provide the opportunity for abstinence-based rehabilitation.
  • provide a safe and respectful setting.
  • help the individual in developing a drug and alcohol free status.
  • help the individual become a productive and positive member of the community.
  • help family members to understand dependency and gain support for themselves.
  • help clients in creating healthier relationships within their families.

Contact information

Call 01283 537280, Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.40pm, or Saturday to Sunday 9.30am - 2pm

Or, visit the Burton Addiction Centre website.