Supported housing

Vulnerable people who require additional support to live independently, for example people with learning difficulties or mental health problems, ex-offenders or people who may misuse substances, may be eligible for supported housing.

Supported housing provides a safe and secure home, with additional support, such personal support services, out-of-hours emergency services, an increased number of health & safety visits and inspections, and on-going liaison with other agencies involved in the provision of services to the tenant.

The types of personal support services provided can range from:

  • advice on budgeting and paying bills
  • advice on claiming benefits
  • learning to plan meals and cook them
  • learning how to use equipment safely
  • learning how to manage a home
  • accessing the local community
  • managing relationships
  • finding employment or training
  • managing health

This section details local supported housing.

You may also find our benefits section useful, as often times those who use supported housing may need to claim financial support to pay their rent.

If you are fleeing from an abusive home or relationship, you may find our domestic abuse support section useful, which includes information about temporary accommodation for men and women victims.