Hammerwich neighbourhood plan


Lichfield District Council has published a decision statement regarding the Hammerwich neighbourhood plan proceeding to referendum. Alongside the decision statement a referendum version of the neighbourhood plan has also been prepared. 

The referendum for the Hammerwich neighbourhood plan will take place on Thursday 16 December 2021. The council has published an information statement regarding the referendum.

Neighbourhood plan examination

John Slater was appointed to carry out the examination of the Hammerwich neighbourhood plan. The examiner's report into the Hammerwich neighbourhood plan has been received.

During the examination the examiner issued some initial comments and further comments. The responses to those comments are available below:

Submission neighbourhood plan and consultation

Hammerwich parish council have now submitted their neighbourhood plan to the district council. Consultation on the neighbourhood pan took place between 24 March 2021 and 5 May 2021. The neighbourhood plan and its associated documents can be viewed below:

You can view the representations received to the consultation through our consultation portal or alternatively read the summary of representations.

Neighbourhood area designation

The Hammerwich neighbourhood area has been designated having been approved 9 December 2014.

Strategic environmental assessment and habitat regulations assessment screening report

Hammerwich Parish Council requested that we undertake a screening process of the draft neighbourhood plan to determine the need for strategic environmental assessment (SEA) and habitat regulations assessment (HRA). The screening report is available below.

Hammerwich neighbourhood plan SEA and HRA screening report (2020)

Hammerwich neighbourhood plan SEA and HRA screening report (2016)