Strategic plan 2020 - 2024

Every four years we put together a strategic plan. Our current strategic plan describes the high level outcomes we want to achieve for our community from 2020 to 2024.

Our plan helps us to focus on what is important locally and to direct our resources and budget where they will have the most benefit.

Our strategic plan sets out that we will work collaboratively to:

  • Enable people to:
    • help themselves and others
    • collaborate and engage with us
    • live healthy and active lives
  • Shape place to:
    • keep it clean, green and safe
    • preserve the characteristics
    • make sure sustainability and infrastructure needs are balanced
  • Develop prosperity to:
    • encourage economic growth
    • enhance the district for all
    • invest in the future
  • Be a good council that is:
    • financially sound
    • transparent and accountable
    • responsive and customer focussed

These outcomes were developed through extensive consultation with staff, members, residents and stakeholders over a 16-month period.