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Fast track your application

If you are applying for a prior-approval, lawful development certificate or householder application, you can choose to fast track your application, within three calendar days of submitting your application on the Planning Portal.

If you fast track your application:

  • Prior-approval and householder applications* – these will be determined within three working days following the end of the consultation period (usually within 28 days).
  • Lawful development certificate applications – these will be determined within five working days following the receipt of a fast-track fee.

Our fast-track services cost:

Fee type Fee amount
Prior-approvals £85
Certificates £85
Householder applications £165

Before you apply, please note:

  • Fast-track applications must be received within three calendar days of submitting your application on the planning portal.
  • We are still required to get local views on prior approvals and householder applications, so the statutory consultation timeframes still apply. 
  • Fast tracking your application does not impact the council's recommendation or decision and does not guarantee approval of your application.
  • The fast-track fee is non-refundable in all circumstances.
  • The fast-track service is not available to Lichfield District Council staff or Lichfield District Council elected members who live and work in the district, because all such applications are automatically considered by the planning committee.
  • If a householder application is ‘called in’ by a local councillor for consideration by the council’s planning committee, we cannot guarantee the fast-track timeframe will be met. Fast-track refunds are not available should an application be ‘called in’.

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