CIL process for developers

What information do I need to provide?

If you are applying for a development that will trigger a CIL liability (i.e. involves the creation of floorspace of 100sqm or more, the creation of a new dwelling or the conversion of a building no longer in use) then you must complete and submit a CIL additional questions form, alongside all other planning application forms and supporting information. This form sets out the floor areas of your development, and also any demolition which should be credited against the new build floor area. Please see the CIL additional questions guidance note for further information.

The information provided on this form will enable us to determine whether or not CIL is payable and to calculate the chargeable amount. 

If you think existing floorspace (to be used or demolished) should be deducted as part of the CIL calculations, you must be able to demonstrate it has been in continuous lawful use for at least six months in the last three years, prior to the development being permitted and supply evidence to support your claim.