CIL process for developers

Commencement notice

At least 1 day before commencement starts, you must submit a CIL commencement notice to us. This informs us when the development is due to commence, and forms the basis of the dates that CIL payments will become due.

If a commencement notice is not submitted prior to commencement, or not at all, or an incorrect commencement date is provided, we can deem a commencement date. A penalty surcharge can also be issued. If you are eligible for instalments, you will also lose the right to pay by instalments. If you have been issued relief or exemption, you will lose the relief or exemption. Further information on surcharges and enforcement can be found here.

A commencement notice may be withdrawn at any time before commencement or a revised CIL commencement notice can be submitted should you wish to change the commencement date

We will acknowledge receipt of the commencement notice in writing.