CIL process for developers

Demand notice

Once the commencement notice has been received, we will issue a demand notice and invoice. The demand notice will set out the date that CIL must be paid by. The amount of CIL payable to the charging authority in respect of a chargeable development is payable in accordance with the instalment policy.

Where an instalment payment is not received in full on or before the day on which it is due, the unpaid balance of the CIL liability becomes payable in full immediately.

Where an assumption of liability notice or a CIL Commencement Notice is not received, and work starts, we will withdraw the right to pay by instalments and any relief and payment will be due immediately in full. If no-one assumes liability to pay, then liability will rest with the landowner.

We will acknowledge payment. Upon payment, providing you are not subject to any relief and clawback periods, we will remove the CIL charge from the land charges records. If relief has been granted then the CIL charge will remain on the land charges Register for 3 or 7 years, depending on whether exemption or relief has been granted, in the event a disqualifying event occurs during this period  The CIL charge will be removed from the land charges register when the appropriate time period lapses.

Further information and examples regarding CIL can be found in our short guide to CIL.