Special areas of conservation

Cannock Extension Canal SAC

Cannock extension canal SAC is a protected habitat
Cannock extension canal SAC is a protected habitat

This has been designated as a SAC due to  the existence of Floating Water Plantain Cannock Extension Canal in central England is an example of anthropogenic, lowland habitat supporting floating water-plantain Luronium natans at the eastern limit of the plant’s natural distribution in England.

A very large population of the species occurs in the Canal, which has a diverse aquatic flora and rich dragonfly fauna, indicative of good water quality. The low volume of boat traffic on this terminal branch of the Wyrley and Essington Canal has allowed open-water plants, including floating water-plantain, to flourish, while depressing the growth of emergents.

Further info about its designation can be found on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee Website.

How to submit an application

To submit a regulation 77 application, email devcontrol@lichfielddc.gov.uk and include the following documents:

  • Details of the development to be carried out (scaled location plan and floor plans as a minimum), including where relevant the proposed water neutrality strategy.
  • A response to your proposal from the nature conservation body (Natural England), if received.
  • Confirmation of payment of the £30 fee. Please pay for your Regulation 77 application online