Filming in Lichfield city and district

Filming on city/district streets

You do not need a permit if you want to film on city/district streets. This excludes:

Be aware

Who owns the local streets/public spaces

The streets in Lichfield city are owned/managed by a variety of bodies – including Lichfield City Council, Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council.

All these bodies have signed up to a pledge to make filming in Lichfield city easy for film makers and will support filming in their areas, provided it is respectful, does not cause an obstruction, nuisance or offence, and is carried out with the highest degree of safety.

While you do not need to seek permission to film on local streets, as long as you are not causing an obstruction and have public liability insurance, if you are carrying out larger-scale/long term filming projects, we strongly recommend you alert the relevant landowners to avoid any issues.

To do so, please contact the following bodies:

  • Market Square, Minster Pool Walk and Garden of Remembrance: Lichfield City Council
  • City roads/streets (other than Three Spires and cathedral): Staffordshire County Council
  • Public city car parks (some filming charges may apply if the car park or parts of the car park need to close): Lichfield District Council
  • Parks/open spaces elsewhere in the district are often managed by other councils, such as parish councils, and you will need to contact the relevant body/council for permission to film - find out how to contact the local parish council.

If you are filming on private property (inside shops, gardens, public buildings, home etc) you will always need to seek the owner’s permission.