Grit bins and road salting

Staffordshire County Council is responsible for gritting services and grit bins - find out how Staffordshire County Council treat icy roads.

The county council monitors the state of the roads, and employs a fleet of vehicles and specialist equipment to carry out work, including: 

  • High quality road condition forecasting using road sensors, computer analysis and the meteorological office. We know when to salt before the roads start to freeze.

  • Experienced decision makers using state of the art computer software to manage winter maintenance operations.

  • Responsive service provision aiming to treat priority routes within two hours from start of salting.

  • High quality equipment including purpose-built salt spreading and snow ploughing vehicles, which are able to lay down precise quantities of salt to deal with the prevailing conditions.

Whilst most main roads will be gritted during freezing weather, not all local roads will be treated. Grit bins are provided in key locations to help local communities keep local roads and pavements clear. These are topped up by Staffordshire County Council, but may empty quickly during cold snaps.

Grit bins should not be used for private drives and pathways. If you do need to treat your own property, please buy supplies of salt and grit from local supermarkets etc.

Further information visit Staffordshire County Council's grit bin section.