Strategic plan 2016 - 2020

Every four years we put together a strategic plan. Our current strategic plan 2016 - 2020 sets out our vision and ambitions for 2016 - 2020.

We are currently developing our strategic plan for 2020 - 2024. We've held workshops with residents and staff and will be asking for local people's views on our draft plan in the autumn.

Download our strategic plan 2016 - 2020

Our vision, set out in our plan, is to be a strong, flexible council that delivers good value, quality services and helps to support a vibrant and prosperous economy, healthy and safe communities and clean, green welcoming places to live.

Our plan has been informed by a strong research base, set out in a focus on Lichfield District and we keep up to date on new information through our locality profiles.

Our strategic plan is underpinned by our delivery plan 2016 - 2020. This sets out in detail the projects and services we will deliver to achieve our strategic ambitions.

Download our delivery plan

We publish this alongside our medium-term financial strategy, which sets out how we will spend money to deliver our strategic ambitions. We also have a range of supporting strategies that focus on key issues, such as economic development, tourism and wellbeing.

Plans for Lichfield District