Taxi rules in Lichfield city centre

Our new revised table of fares became effective in February 2020 following a consultation period. Our updated table of fares is available for download and physical copies of the table are available for public inspection during normal office hours at District Council House. 

Vehicles/cars are not generally permitted on most pedestrianised city centre streets.

Taxis are however allowed drive on pedestrianised city centre streets for certain reasons:

  • When dropping off or collecting a passenger who is either disabled, or lives on Dam Street, Reeve Lane, Bird Street, Cock Alley, parts of Market Street (between Bird Street and Breadmarket Street), parts of Bore Street (between Breadmarket Street and Tamworth Street) and parts of Sandford Street (between the turning for the car park and Bird Street).
  • When dropping off or collecting a passenger between 9am and 6pm who is either disabled, or lives on Breadmarket Street, Conduit Street, parts of Tamworth Street (between Lombard Street and Conduit Street), parts of Market Street (between Conduit Street and Breadmarket Street) and parts of Bore Street (between Breadmarket Street and St Johns Street).
  • Taxis can only drop passengers off at premises in Bird Street and Sandford Street between 6pm and 9am. Outside of these hours (before 6pm and after 9am), general access is permitted.

Taxis should wait for a maximum of five minutes.

When picking up a disabled passenger, taxis should display the passenger's disabled badge once they have picked up their passenger - we recognise taxis will not be able to display the badge on both legs of the journey.

Download taxi licence conditions.