Taxis complaints

We are responsible for licensing taxis driver and vehicles in the district. 

This make sure vehicles are safe, comfortable and properly insured and that drivers are fit and proper to hold a licence.

All licensed vehicles should have an extra licence plate on the back of the vehicle and door plates showing the licence number, the registration number of the vehicle, the expiry date of the licence and the number of people the vehicle is licensed to carry.

There are two types of licensed vehicles. These are:

  • Hackney carriages that you an hire at a taxi rank or hail in the street, and can be used without pre-booking These are white and are fitted with a meter. You pay the price shown on the meter when your journey ends. The licence plates for these vehicles are also white.

  • Private hire vehicles These must be pre-booked and cannot be picked up without prior booking. You should be informed of the price of your journey at the time of booking. These vehicles are not licensed or insured to pick up customers, without pre-booking. The licence plates for these vehicles are yellow.

All drivers will wear an identity badge and have one displayed inside the vehicle. These will show a photograph of the driver, the licence number and the expiry date of the licence. Always check a driver’s identify badge when you get into the vehicle.

We work hard to ensure that our licensed vehicles in the district are safe, but if you are unsure about the state of a vehicle or feel uneasy, do not get into the vehicle.

When using a taxi make a note of the licence number and name of the driver and if you feel unsafe at any time, ask to be let out in a busy well lit area.