Apply for tree works

Application checklist

Follow this checklist if you need to carry out works to tress that are subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) or are in a conservation areas (TRCA).

If you do not submit all the relevant information, and with enough precise detail, we may either not validate or reject your application until the relevant information is supplied.

What you will need to provide as part of your application

For works to trees with preservation orders

  • Completed and dated application form, with all [mandatory] questions answered.
  • Sketch plan showing the location of all tree(s).
    • This should be sufficient to clearly identify the trees in relation to other features within the plot i.e. boundaries, buildings etc. The trees should be numbered and the numbers included within the specification.
  • A full and clear specification of the works to be carried out.
    • For example: T1 Oak, Crown lift to 4.5m above ground level. T2 Beech, Crown reduce by 2m. Vague terms or phrases such as ‘lopping’ or ‘pruning’ will not be acceptable.
  • Statement of reasons for the proposed work.
    • For example: to provide clearance over driveway, there are concerns about its safety, because the tree is diseased, there is damage to property.
  • Evidence in support of statement of reasons, where required by the standard application form.
    • For example: Where there are concerns over safety, a tree is diseased or there is alleged damage to property then an application must be accompanied by the relevant reports from experts.

For works to trees in conservation areas

  • Completed and dated form, with all questions answered.
  • Sketch plan showing the precise location of all tree(s).
  • A full and clear specification of the works to be carried out.

Whether the trees are protected by a TPO or in a conservation area, the following may be submitted:

  • Photographs.
  • Report by a tree professional (arboriculturist) or other details of any assistance or advice sought from a local planning authority officer prior to submitting this form.
  • Details of any pre-application advice sought from an arboricultural officer indicating dates of correspondence or discussion with the named officer.

Occasionally, other supporting information may be required. In these circumstances, the case officer will contact you.

View detailed tree works application guidance notes and apply on the Planning Portal .