Are you registered to vote in the EU referendum - Thursday 23 June

The majority of residents in the district who are eligible to vote are already registered and should receive their poll card this week telling them where to vote. If you are worried you are not registered, check with our elections team first on 01543 308125 before registering. The deadline for registering is 7 June 2016. Find out more.


Council tax

When you pay your council tax bill, you are helping to fund services provided by Staffordshire County Council, Office of the Police and Crime CommissionerStaffordshire Fire Authority, local parish councils, and us. 

We only keep around 10% of your charge, which means an average local household will pay Lichfield District Council about £3.08 a week for the services we deliver to you - such as emptying your bins, cleaning local roads and running leisure centres and parks. Read our latest council tax leaflet to find out how we spend the money we collect.

The exact amount you will pay depends on the your property valuation band - the lower the band you are in, the less you will pay and vice versa. What you pay is also affected by the parish you live in, as the amount each parish council charges differs.

Our how much will I have to pay? download will show you exactly how much you'll pay. Simply find your council tax band in the table.

If you are a business visit our business rates section.

Contact the team by email or call them on 01543 308900.

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