Your council tax bill explained

2.66% district increase for 2024 - 2025

Council tax bill with pound coins on top
0% district increase for 2023/2024

Whilst local council tax bills have gone up this year, in a move that sets us apart from the majority of councils across the UK, we have chosen to increase the district council element of your bill by 2.66% which is less than the maximum permitted rate of 2.99%.

Whilst you pay your council tax bill to us, we only keep 9% of what you pay to deliver local services, including bin collections, parks, planning, benefits, regeneration, housing and homelessness, environmental health and much more. In 2024/2025 an average household will pay £3.71 a week towards the services we deliver. 

We distribute the rest of what you pay (91%) to other service providers: 

To find out what we delivered last year with the funding we received, read our latest highlight report.