2023 business rates revaluation

Transitional relief

Transitional relief, if applicable, limits how much your business rates bill can increase each year as a result of a revaluation, so that changes to your bill are phased in gradually.

From the 1 April 2023 Transitional Relief will only apply where there's an increase in a rateable value.

If the rateable value is decreasing, the business will benefit from the full reduction straightaway from 1 April 2023.

The Transitional Relief cap increases each year depending on the rateable value band applicable.

This cap is applied before any other reliefs and exemptions.

If your bill is increasing from 1 April 2023 Transitional Relief will be calculated as follows:

2023 Transitional Relief
 Rateable value 2023 to 2024 2024 to 2025 2025 to 2026
 Up to £20,000  5% 10% plus inflation 25% plus inflation
£20,001 to £100,000 15% 15% plus inflation 40% plus inflation
Over £100,000 30% 30% plus inflation 55% plus inflation