What if I don't pay my council tax?

What if I don't pay after reminders?

If you don't pay your council tax following reminders, your right to pay by instalments will be withdrawn and the full balance will become due within a further 7 days:

  • No further or final notice will be issued.
  • If your account then remains unpaid, we will request that the magistrates issue a court summons, costing £70.
  • This is a request for you to appear at court and answer to the complaint that you have not paid your council tax.
  • The magistrates will then issue a liability order, costing £25.

A liability order gives us the right to take further action to collect any money outstanding. This may be an attachment on your earnings or benefit, or to instruct an enforcement agent to collect the arrears by removing and selling your goods. A charge of £75 will be incurred immediately if the debt is passed to the enforcement agent. If they visit your property, a minimum charge of £235 will be incurred.

We will not intervene once a debt has been passed to an enforcement agent.

Ultimately we can make an application for you to be committed to prison.

Any questions?

If you can't pay your council tax, please call 01543 308000, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.

If you need help paying your council tax or rent, visit our benefits section