Equality statement 2024

Equality in employment improvements in 2023

In our 2023 Equality Statement we identified employment equality priorities which are detailed below. This section sets out what we said we would do and what we did:

We said We did

We will assess key workforce policies and procedures.

We continued to assess new workforce policies and procedures to ensure they are accessible and easy to understand. We launched a new recruitment toolkit, an OKR toolkit, and a new quick guide to working hours.

We will continue to collect, analyse, and publish key workforce data which will feed into our workforce development plans, it will also assist how we develop and attract the workforce of the future.

Workforce data was collected as part of our first workforce equality, diversity and inclusion staff survey in April 2023 and is published as part of this document.

We will continue to increase the number of staff that successfully complete equality awareness training

81% of staff who have online access completed equality and diversity training.

62% of staff with online access completed safeguarding training.

We will further encourage staff members to create inclusion groups.

We have networks for the LGBTQ+ community, carers, menopause and young professionals and will continue to encourage the creation of more groups and provide support for existing groups.

We will update and review our internal equality and diversity documents and information

We developed a new intranet section on equality, diversity and our values, where training, our inclusivity calendar, our staff values, and our quality impact assessment library is published.

Provide an inclusive calendar for employees, this will give insight to various observance/events days and dates throughout the year.

This was completed and published internally.