Home based food business guide

Structure and equipment

All parts of the premises used for food preparation and storage must be kept in good repair.


All surfaces must be capable of being thoroughly cleaned and must be kept in a clean condition.

Sanitisers which meet British Standard BS 1276 or BS 13697 should be used.


All equipment should be safe to use (i.e. food grade), in good order, clean and should be capable of being thoroughly cleaned.


Adequate lighting is necessary to provide a safe working environment and to facilitate the hygienic preparation of food.


Adequate ventilation is necessary to remove cooking odours, fumes, steam and to keep your premises cool.

First aid

First aid materials must be provided for use within the kitchen in the form of waterproof plasters, bandages & dressings.

You do not have to use blue plasters by law, but they are easier to see if they ever drop into food.