Home based food business guide

Hygiene, toilets and washing facilities

Washing facilities

At least one sink must be provided for washing purposes. Ideally two should be provided, one sink for the preparation/washing of foods, and the other for the washing of equipment. However this is not always possible in a home kitchen – an officer will be able to advise you accordingly.

A separate facility must be provided for hand washing purposes, reasonably accessible from the kitchen. The basin must have hot and cold running water, soap & suitable hygienic hand drying facilities such as disposable paper towels.

Water Supply

Only potable (wholesome) water can be used. If your water is not supplied by mains water you must by law have it tested to make sure it is wholesome.


Clean washable clothing must be worn by all persons engaged in the handling/preparation of food for public consumption and a high standard of personal cleanliness maintained.

It is good practice to wear a hair net or cap and have long hair tied back to prevent physical contamination of food.

Washing Machines

Ideally washing machines should be sited away from food preparation and storage areas. However, if there is no alternative, an agreement may be reached with the visiting officer that such a machine may be used provided its use is confined to such times when food is not being prepared.

Toilet Facilities

Toilets used by people handling food for public consumption must be in good repair and maintained in a clean condition.