Priority need

What if I do not have priority need?

If you do not have a priority need, we will send you a letter to explain why.

You will have 21 days to request a review of our decision if you do not agree. You must request a review in writing or by emailing your case worker or

If you have a priority need, we eill have a duty to provide you with both emergency accommodation (if you become homeless) as well as support you to find a longer-term home.

What to expect if you do not have priority need

We will work with you to assess your housing circumstances and create a personal housing plan.

The aim of the personal housing plan will be to either help you keep your home (if your tenancy is at risk) or to find a new home.

Finding a new home is likely to include looking at supported housing, private rented accommodation, houses in multiple occupation and house shares.

You may also be eligible to bid on properties on the housing register.

Will I be provided with emergency accommodation if I do not have priority need?

If you do not have priority need and become homeless, we will provide you with advice and assistance on immediate housing options, however we will not provide you with emergency accommodation unless during adverse weather conditions.

Advice and guidance we will provide is likely to include signposting hostel accommodation, which is usually out of Lichfield District.

If you choose to move into a hostel and are in employment, you may be able to apply for housing benefit, however this may not cover all of the cost of your accommodation. If it does not, you will need to fund any shortfall yourself through your income.

If you choose to nove into hostel accomodation and are not working, you may be able to apply for housing benefit to fund the cost of your accommodation. 

Help with a rent deposit to a private landlord

If you find a new home (for example a private rented home or a room in a shared house), we may be able to help you secure a homelessness prevention loan, which are provided by Fusion Credit Union. These can be used for a deposit, rent in advance or moving costs. 

Fusion Credit Union has been operating in Lichfield since 2005 and is a not-for-profit financial co-operative that pool members' savings to make low-cost loans to other members. It costs just £2 to become a member of Fusion Credit Union. 

If you need to access a low cost loan to support you moving into a new home, please contact our housing options team at or speak to your case worker.