Priority need

Leaving hospital

If you are concerned that you will be homeless following a stay in hospital, you need to tell the nursing staff about your situation as soon as possible so they know you may be homeless when you are discharged.

They will be able to make your situation known to the hospital discharge team.

The discharge team should refer you to our housing options service as they have a legal duty to refer under the homelessness reduction act. 

In the event that you are unable to return home after discharge from hospital because your home is assessed by a health specialist to be unsuitable and detrimental to your needs, again the hospital has a duty to refer you to our housing options team.

Our housing options team will assess your situation and work with you to find accommodation. We may utilise temporary housing until we are able to find a permanent solution to your housing needs.

If you have specialist housing needs and require support with daily living tasks; for example, washing and dressing, you may be referred to the appropriate social care team to assess your needs.

This would normally be handled by the hospital discharge team who would make an assessment of your needs prior to discharge.

Discharged from hospital and homeless

If you have been discharged from hospital and are homeless, get in touch with our housing options team.

For more information about the duty to refer see Shelter's website