Social rented properties and complaints

About housing associations

Lichfield District Council no longer own any property.

We sold our housing stock to HomeZone Housing (now Bromford Living) in 1997 under the Large Scale Voluntary Transfer arrangements. Consequently, the social housing available in the district is provided by registered social landlords/housing associations.

A registered social landlords is a non-profit making organisation which owns, lets and manages rental housing (social housing). As they are non-profit-making the money they get from the rents goes back into the services they offer.

The main aim of registered social landlords is to provide affordable general needs accommodation for everyone. They provide rented properties, which are offered at lower than the open market rent, and provide a more affordable housing option. Applicants may still have to meet certain criteria to obtain a registered social landlord property.

Some registered social landlords provide accommodation for specialist groups, who have a shared need. This could include, but is not exclusive to, supported accommodation for teenagers, elderly, ex-offenders and people with learning difficulties or mental health issues - find out about supported housing.

Housing associations in Lichfield District have come together to advertise their available properties on one scheme, Lichfield District Homes. This means you only have to register once and not with several providers. You can complete an application form to join the waiting. Once registered you will be able to access all available property within the district. This advises the provider you are interested in living in the property. The property will be allocated to the applicant in the highest need band who has been waiting the longest.

Housing association also offer other types of accommodation than rented. This is called affordable housing and there are many different types to suit people's circumstances, such as shared ownership. If you are interested in shared ownership please contact Help to Buy - the government sponsored agent for the Midlands. For more information, visit the shared ownership homes government website.