Enforcement policy

Activities covered by the policy

This document covers all enforcement activities carried out by Regulatory Services, Housing and Wellbeing staff and / or authorised under the delegated authority granted by Lichfield District Council. 'Enforcement’ includes all actions taken by officers aimed at ensuring legal compliance. This is not limited to formal enforcement actions such as prosecution. This policy applies to all legislation authorised for enforcement by Regulatory Services, Housing and Wellbeing. Delegated Authority to use these powers can be seen in Lichfield District Council’s Constitution. The constitution is available on the Council’s website. 

All officers carry authorisation cards with them that detail the legislation they are authorised to enforce, these are known as ‘instrument of appointment’ cards. All officers are required to comply with this Enforcement Policy in full. Any proposed variation must be referred to the Head of Regulatory Services in the first instance or to the Chief Executive where the matter cannot be determined under existing terms of delegation.