Land charge searches and fees

If you are thinking about buying a home or business property in Lichfield District, as part of the buying process it is advisable to request a search on the property to identify any restrictions or legal obligations that may be associated with it that have been imposed by a council or government body.

There are a number of searches you can apply for such as a full official search, LLC1 search, CON29R or CON29O and a personal search.

Searches are normally applied for by solicitors appointed by home buyers to carry out conveyancing, although you can request a search yourself.

A property search looks at twelve main areas, or charges (restrictions), and checks whether or not any of these apply to a property, including:

  1. General financial charges
  2. Specific financial charges
  3. Planning charges
  4. Miscellaneous charges
  5. Fenland ways maintenance charges
  6. Land compensation charges
  7. New towns charges
  8. Civil aviation charges
  9. Opencast coal charges
  10. Listed building charges
  11. Light obstruction notices
  12. Drainage scheme charges

Land charge searches are not the same as land registry that relates to ownership of the land. If you have an enquiry about land ownership, visit the Land Registry website.