Land charge searches and fees

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For the following searches (residential or non-residential):

  • Full official search (CON29R, CON29O and LLC1)
  • LLC1 search
  • CON29R search (not including LLC1)
  • Personal search of the LLCR
  • Personal search information pack

Email us your request

Remember to include plans (if appropriate), payment and the address of the property to be searched.

If you are a regular customer why not set up a business account and be invoiced monthly - call us on 01543 309819 to find out more.

For an official search of council records (either residential or non-residential):

  • Full official search with any additional questions (CON29R, CON29O, & LLC1, etc).
  • LLC1 search on its own.

Please complete the current Law Society LLC1 and/or Con29 form.

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