Land charge searches and fees

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For the following searches (residential or non-residential)

  • Full official search (CON29R, CON29O and LLC1)
  • LLC1 search
  • CON29R search (not including LLC1)
  • Personal search of the LLCR
  • Personal search information pack

Email us your request

Please remember to include plans (if appropriate) and the address of the property to be searched. We will contact you to let you know how much you will need to pay. You can make payments online.

If you are a regular customer why not set up a business account and be invoiced monthly - call us on 01543 309819 to find out more.

For an official search of council records (either residential or non-residential)

  • Full official search with any additional questions (CON29R, CON29O, & LLC1, etc).
  • LLC1 search on its own.

Please complete the current Law Society LLC1 and/or Con29 form.

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