Land charge searches and fees

Environmental information (personal searches)

You can also request access to environmental information held by us, as required by the environmental information regulations.

  • Our environmental information procedure sets out what we can provide, in accordance with the current environmental information regulations.
  • Under the terms of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), we are unable to accept plans or maps which are not licensed for use by your business.
  • This includes maps or plans that have been copied from other maps, such as a Land Registry Title Plan or a map which has a watermark.
  • Any search requests that we receive that includes a plan or map which we consider to be unlicensed will be returned to you and should be resubmitted with a properly sourced plan or map.
  • If we continue to receive unlicensed plans from you, we may refer the matter to Ordnance Survey, who may levy a fine.
  • For more information about using Ordnance Survey (OS) information and licensing, please visit the OS website.

New charges

Currently, when we receive requests of information under the environmental information regulations, we supply this information at no cost.

New charges are being introduced for this service, with a fee of £11. There is no date set for this fee to be introduced yet, but we will be notifying customers of this in advance.