Ideas for repurposing

Ready to unleash your inner creative genius and make recycling more fun than ever? Check out these exciting repurposing ideas:

Upcycled cans & jars

Turn your unwanted jars and cans into something for nature.

Funky pencil holders 

Wrap those old cans in vibrant fabric or colourful paper to transform them into unique pencil holders - find out more.

DIY candle holders

Give jars a new lease of life by painting your favourite patterns or pictures on them. Add a touch of glamour with ribbons or string, pop in a tealight, and voilà – a cosy atmosphere is just a light away - find out more.

Birdfeeders from bottles

  1. Grab an empty water bottle or milk carton.
  2. Snip off the top, carve out large holes for our feathered friends to access the feed, and smaller ones to slot in some sticks or straws as perches.
  3. Fashion a lid using the base of the bottle or a plastic cup. Don't forget to punch two holes and thread a wire through.
  4. Fill with birdseed, hang on a tree, and enjoy the chirpy concert in your backyard!
  5. Find out more.

Artsy newspaper & magazines

Collage creations 

Dive into the world of art with newspaper and magazine collages. Create stunning visuals or tell a story with your clippings – the only limit is your imagination!

Chic clothing revamp 

Revamp your style - find out more.

Re-imagined fashion 

Instead of tossing old clothes, why not reinvent them? Convert a shirt into a trendy crop top or an old pair of jeans into stylish shorts.

Tie-dye magic

Bring a splash of colour to plain or faded clothes with some tie-dye magic! It’s not just a trend; it’s a recycling statement.

Ready to take the recycling challenge, Lichfield and Tamworth? Let's turn our homes into a hub of creativity and sustainability! Why not share your ideas on our social feeds!