Organising a street party

Organising a street party or fete

Street parties and fetes are a traditional part of community life - they are a simple way for us to get to know our neighbours and meet members of our community.

We want to make it easier for you to hold these sorts of local events, so we have produced this simple step by step guide to how to hold a street party or fete in your local area.

We class street parties and fetes as:

  • For residents/neighbours only
  • Publicity only to residents
  • No licences normally necessary if music incidental and no selling is involved 
  • No formal risk assessment needed
  • Self-organised 

They are not open to anyone to attend and are not advertised widely (for example in newspapers). If you are organising a larger public event, please see our event management guidance section.

If you are arranging a special event on the streets, that will be open to all and where selling will take place, find out more about street trading and special events.