Event permissions and licences

If you are planning to host an event in Lichfield District, you need to double check the permissions and licenses you need.

There are often strict timetables in place for applying for these, and without them your event cannot go ahead.

We therefore strongly recommend you consider the permissions and licences you need as part of your early planning considerations, and well before you invest anything in setting up the event, to be sure they can be successfully gained in time for the event.

Permissions could include but are not limited to:

Permission from the landowner

Landowners will likely have their own set of conditions or requirements that you will need to meet. We recommend you seek/gain permission in writing.

Alcohol and entertainment licences

If you would like to sell or supply alcohol at your event, or provide regulated entertainment, such as music or dancing in an area that doesn’t already have a premises licence, will need to apply for a premises licence or a temporary event notice (TEN).

  • Applications for premises licences must be made a minimum of 28 day before they are required. You should also allow extra time to appeal possible objections to a licence
  • Applications for temporary event notices (TENs) must be made a minimum of 10 days before they are required. You should also allow extra time to appeal possible objections to a licence. 

Find out more about licences and how to apply

Hire a park

To hire Beacon Park or another district council owned park, please read our park hire guide. Charges apply.

Trading on streets

If you are planning to hold an event that includes trading on streets (does not apply in parks), such as market stalls or mobile caterers, you will need to ensure your traders apply for street trading licences in place.

You may wish to apply for special event status to benefit from subsidised street trading licence fees. 

Find out more about street trading and special event status.

Road closures

You may wish to close one or more streets temporarily for part or all of the day of the event. If you do, you will need to apply for a road/street closure at least six weeks ahead of your event. Find out more about applying for a road/street closure.

Sometimes before a road closure can be granted the event organiser must submit a traffic management plan, which demonstrates how any additional interference with normal traffic movements will be minimised. 

Rolling street closures (overnight or multiple days) should be made to Staffordshire County Council as the highways authority. Download more information from the county council.


If you would like to advertise your event through posters/banners, depending on where you want to put them up and their size, you may need planning permission and/or landowner consent.

It can take up to two months to gain planning permission, and you may need to pay a fee. 

Download an application form for consent to display an advertisement.

It is illegal to fly-post on private property, structures, paving and street furniture. If you display banners/posters without planning permission and landowner's consent, you may be in breach of the law, and your banners/posters may be removed without notice.