Frequently asked FOIs

Animal establishments, sanctuaries and dangerous animals

This page provides regularly asked FOI information on animal sanctuaries/rescue centres, dangerous animals and licensed animal boarding establishments.

Please check to see if your FOI request is answered below before submitting a new request.

Animal boarding and day care establishments 

View our animal welfare licences for animal boarding and day care establishments. We update this information on a regular basis. We will not provide interim updates.

Animal rescue centres and sanctuaries

We have no direct involvement with animal rescue centres or sanctuaries and cannot respond to any FOI requests in relation to animal rescue centres or sanctuaries.

Dangerous animals

We have not issued any licenses under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976/2007 for keeping wild boar or wild boar hybrids and cannot respond to any related FOI requests. For any information on dangerous dogs please contact Staffordshire Police.