Frequently asked FOIs

Council tax expenditure receipts

We do not respond to requests for receipts for council tax expenditure. 

Whilst you pay your council tax bill to us, we only keep 9% of what you pay and distribute the rest (91%) to other service providers: 

We do not hold records of how the 91% of funding we pass to other service providers is spent. Please contact these service providers directly for more information on how they spend the council tax they receive. 

We publish a wide range of information about how the 9% of council tax we retain is spent locally. 

This includes:

  • Our annual council tax leaflet - this includes information on which services we spend money on, as well as the income we generate to support services.
  • Our open data website includes finance data sets that detail spending above £500.
  • We also provide regular reports to our Audit & Member Standards Committee outlining expenditure and the financial position of Lichfield District Council - papers taken to this committee are published and viewable online

We do not hold literal receipts for every single payment made within the authority, there are a number of different payment methods and therefore this information is not held.