Disabled facilities grants

Our feedback procedure

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If you want to share any feedback with us about disabled facilities grants, good or bad, please speak to your case worker, email them direct, or contact dfgenquiry@lwmts.co.uk

Our team will discuss your concerns with you and if we can put things right straightaway, we will do so, and will not process your concerns as a formal complaint. 

If however, you are unsatisfied with our team’s response to your concerns or want your concerns to be addressed as a formal complaint, please put your complaint in writing and send it to dfgenquiry@lwmts.co.uk.

The disabled facilities grants process is managed by Lichfield West Midlands Traded Services Ltd (LWMTS). As such, the LWMTS team will investigate your complaint and will aim to respond to you within 20 working days.

Once you receive a response, and should you remain unsatisfied, please ask the LWMTS team to escalate your complaint to Lichfield District Council which commissions LWMTS to deliver disabled facilities grants on its behalf.

The council will aim to respond to your complaint within 20 working days, or will contact you if it will take them longer to finalise a response.

If you remain unsatisfied with the council’s response, you can then escalate your complaint to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO).

Key facts

  • Lichfield District Council will not investigate any complaints unless you have first reported them formally to LWMTS and received a response.
  • The LGSCO will be unlikely to investigate any complaints unless they have been through LWMTS’ and Lichfield District Council’s complaints processes, and you have received a formal response stage two response.
  • You will not be treated adversely as a result of making a complaint.
  • Whilst anonymous complaints will be investigated as far as possible, we would encourage you to provide your contact details so we can properly investigate your complaint and provide a report on the outcomes and positive actions we have taken as a result of your complaint.
  • In line with LWMTS’ disabled facilities grants privacy notice and the council’s privacy notice, the information you provide as part of your complaint will be protected under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • In order to process your complaint however, it may be necessary to pass the details to a relevant third party (the identity of the person making a complaint will only be made known to those who consider the complaint and not revealed to any other person, or made public by us). This is detailed in LWMTS’ privacy notice and the council’s privacy notice. If you do not want this information passing on, please let us know.