Temporary road/street closures

Occasionally, when a large event (such as a parade or carnival) is scheduled, it may be necessary to close one or more streets temporarily. This is known as a temporary closure of streets order.

Upcoming temporary road/street closures

Please note that road closures due to roadworks are not listed here.

The following applies to each of the below closures:

Event Locations Date and time
Shenstone Christmas Market
  • Main Street (from Richard Cooper Room opposite the War Memorial, to The Fox & Hounds)
  • Lincoln Croft (from the junction with Main Street, up to HCB Solicitors and the adjacent Westgate NHS Practice)

Saturday 4 December 2021

2pm to 10pm

1st Chase Terrace Scout Group St George’s Day Parade
  • Ironstone Road (from its junction with High Street, Chase Terrace to its junction with Cannock Road)
  • Cannock Road (from its junction with Ironstone Road to its junction with Water Street)
  • Cross Street (from its junctions with Water Street to its junction with Rugeley Road)
  • Rugeley Road (from its junction with Cross Street to its junction with High Street, Chase Terrace)
  • High Street, Chase Terrace (from its junction with Rugeley Road to its junction to Railway Lane)

Sunday 24 April 2022

10am - 12pm

St George's Day Parade for Lichfield District Scouts
  • Sandford Street
  • Bird Street (from car park access road to Bore Street)
  • Sandford Street Junction to Market Street junction
  • Market Street
  • Dam Street
  • Conduit Street
  • Bore Street
  • Breadmarket Street
  • Queen Street

Sunday 24 April 2022

2pm - 5pm

Apply for a road/street closure

If you would like to apply for a temporary street closure notice for a street party or event please apply online:

Submit a road closure request

Please apply at least three months prior to your event. If your event is less than three months away, please email us before applying to check whether we can still consider your application.